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"Rock And A Hard Place" is a television series in development by REM Time Productions, LLC, formed between Jinky Swan owners Keith Romine and Berdella Endress in collaboration with Darren Marlar of Marlar House Productions, in the interest of Producing "Rock And A Hard Place."

REM Time Productions, LLC is currently producing a SAG New Media film and sizzle reel to promote "Rock And A Hard Place."  

You've made "Rock And A Hard Place" a reality!  Just by being here, looking at this page, and sharing it with your family and friends; you are part of a team helping to bring inspirational, positive, and relevant media to a world that needs positive content now, more than ever.

As "Rock And A Hard Place" enters production December 6th-11th 2014, the project urgently needs your continued support.

??????  -  YOUR SUPPORT  - At any level is invaluable!  Thank You!  For contributions $10 and up, let us know your mailing address to receive a commemorative post card Thanking You for your support of RAAHP!!

​$100    -     PARTICIPATE    -  You are invited to join cast and crew for the table read Saturday December 6, 2014, time tbd; OR enjoy VIP access to the cast and crew wrap party Thursday December 11, 2014, in Rockford, IL, time tbd; OR enjoy VIP access to the local cast and crew screening, date & time tbd.  Can't make it to Rockford, IL?  The cast/crew will call to thank you from the table read!  

$500   -     JOIN US    -  You are supporting one cast and crew meal on one day of production!  You are invited to join the cast and crew for lunch on set, dinner after filming, or breakfast before production, Dates December 7-11, 2014, times tbd, some dates/meals may be unavailable.  In addition your choice of ONE of the events listed above.  

$1,000 -  ASSOCIATE PRODUCER - You joining the Production Team will add vital crew, props, equipment, etc. to production, and post-production.  Join in all of the events listed above.  In Credit only, you will be listed on IMDB and in this films credits as an Associate Producer.  

$5,000 -    CO-PRODUCER   -  You joining the Production Team will support bringing additional much-needed high end digital cinema equipment to the production.  Most significantly, the addition of a second 4k digital cinema camera.  The production is currently slated to shoot on one 4k RED Scarlet, with a bare bones crew including some of the most talented filmmakers N. IL. has to offer, along with ASC Cinematographer Victor Goss (Dresden Files, Grounded For Life, Wonder Years.)  Your addition of a second camera, and crew/equipment to support it will:  capture both actors during dialogue, include reaction shots, and in doing so maximize the value of improv from our comedic stars, Jim Breuer (SNL, Half Baked), Eddie Steeples (My Name Is Ealr, Akeelah The Bee,) and Diane Sellers (Rules of Engagement.)  Join us for all of the events listed above.  In Credit only, you will be listed on IMDB and in this films credits as a Co-Producer.  

$10,000 -EXECUTIVE PRODUCER- You joining the Production Team will support additional crew, equipment, and props to maximize production, as well as cast/crew lodging, meals, travel, and transportation.  You will be welcome to join us behind the scenes on set, in addition to all of the events listed above.  In Credit only, you will be listed on IMDB and in this films credits as an Executive Producer.  

You are a part of the production team of this SAG New Media film!

"A Pastor Walks Into A Bar... "

Pastor Darren Keaton, of Solid Rock Church of Rock Haven has just lost his best friend, and long time AA sponsor, Tommy.  Tommy's pride and joy in life was Hard Knocks Bar and Grill; the bar across the street from Solid Rock Church, long loathed by Renee, the head of the church board.  When Pastor Darren learns that Tommy has left his legacy, Hard Knocks Bar and Grill, to him, with the caveat that he must take over as owner/operator, or else the bar is to go to the Solid Rock Church board, who plans to tear it down to extend the church parking lot, he is literally stuck... between a Rock And A Hard Place!!   -   This SAG New Media Film is based on the television series in development by REM Time Productions, LLC, and Created By Darren Marlar.